Im leeanne a.k.a Rita 

what is Rita-Rocks? 

where did it all begin?

I have always loved to craft as a child i loved to draw, paint & make.

i always wanted to follow my artistic roots and work full time in the field, but my dream was not realized until i gave up my day job in 2008 to have my little girl. Within 6 months Rita-Rocks was born.

I started out doing school fairs and car boots, i then moved on to a weekly general market and in 2010 i began to organised my ideas for Rita-Rocks online store..which finally took some shape at the end of 2011.

My skill set has grown vastly in the past four years, i started out making hand made cards and beaded jewelry  I have since added wire work & metal work jewelry, soap, bath bombs and truffles, candles, needle felting, fabric painting and most recently a crash course in quilting....i  do love to craft!!!!!

O and to explain the Rita...everyone asks....i worked a bar for nearly 10 years and one of my lovely customers could not remember my name when i first started and so calling me Rita... and it stuck...that was 12 years ago and i still love it. Thank you mick x x

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