Hi to all who may read this lovely blog, i have decided to use this wonderful tool to pass on my thoughts and experiences of crafting. I hope i can help some one to pick up a new craft or solve a problem they are having, as many have helped me. I started out crafting by reading books, then the wonders of technology gave us blogs and u-tube. In the past 2 years i have learned with the aid of the lovely on line craft community at least 6 new crafts. so now i think its time to pay it forward!

I plan to post one step by step project each month for beginners and seasoned crafter's alike. I will try to add some pictures along the way but no promises im new to the bloging set up. I will also where possible add a list of suppliers for all the bits and bobs needed for each project.

Well im off to start planing my first project. x x 
See ya soon