I love to recycle and up-cycle from the charity shops, so this little project ticks the boxes.

 Vintage Tie Belt

 You will need:
  1. An old tie (less than a £1.00 from your local charity shop or your dads old one )
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Buckle (from the local fabric shop about a £1.00 for 2 or more it needs to be wide enough for the narrow part of the tie to fit through)
  7. Two snap fasteners (also available at your local fabric shop)


Wrap the tie round your waist, you want the narrow part of the tie to overlap the wide part. Work out how much overlap you need then add on 4cm so you can finish the raw edge. Cut the rest off. Turn the raw end of the narrow part of the tie over on the wrong side by 2cm then 2cm again to hide the raw end and stitch in to place with small stitches make sure that they don't go all the way through of the front of the tie. Try on the belt again and mark the position of the buckle with a pin then sew in place. Now sew on the snap fasteners, one at the narrow end of the belt and one at the top at the widest point of the tie make sure that no stitches show on the front. Line up the other side of the fasteners while the belt is on your waist and mark with a pin, now stitch in place. And that's it you have a very funky one of a kind waist belt with a vintage vibe.